♦ Adopting optical self-developed lighting source and ZAG Lens tech, lighting efficiency raised 8% and light
transmittance reaches up to 98% when compared with similar products;
♦ The use of duct cooling design reduces the overall weight; excellent heat dissipation and low light decay
effectively extend the service life
♦ Energy savings of up to 60% thanks to its low power consumption and use of high efficiency constant
current drive; Protected from overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning and high temperature to fully guarantee
the product life and stability;
♦ Green lighting source without UV light, infrared radiation and mercury pollution;
♦ Each LED is packagent with multi-chips,high efficiency,stable performance and low light decay
♦ The rear cover is designed with suap-fit, without using tool,product is convent to assemble and maintain;
♦ Can be equipped with intelligent controller module to meet the needs of smart lighting;